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Can aluminum foil lunch boxes be put directly into the micro

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It's very hot now. Some foods will become cool when they are stored, let alone in winter. We all know that aluminum foil lunch box has the function of heat preservation. Can it be directly heated in the microwave oven?

Try not to put the aluminum foil lunch box directly in the microwave oven.

Metal and enamel products should not be used in microwave ovens when cooking, because metals can reflect the microwave. It not only reduces the heating efficiency of microwave oven and poor heating uniformity, but also makes the contact between microwave and metal produce sparks, causing danger, and even damaging magnetron.


Microwave ovens usually use aluminum foil lunch boxes, which are insulated. For example, put a glass of water and an ice wrapped in the aluminum foil lunch box in the microwave oven, and then the water boils, but the ice almost doesn't melt.

The aluminum foil lunch box can reflect the microwave. If it takes a long time to cook food, use a small amount of aluminum foil lunch box to wrap the easy cooked food. After cooking for a while, remove the aluminum foil lunch box and continue cooking. In this way, the food can be cooked more evenly.

However, in use, the smooth part should be close to the food to reduce the reflected energy. You can use the barbecue function, because you don't use microwave components.

Aluminum foil lunch box mainly has the function of heat preservation, which can make the food more soft, rotten and tasty. Don't use the wrong method!

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