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Aluminum foil lunch boxes help prevent the spread of the virus

Source:NEWWING Visits:317 Date:2022-04-12 10:08:42

In the current battle against the covid-19 epidemic, one task is particularly important, which is to do a good job in logistics support and virus protection for front-line medical staff, patients, and staff.

Among them, the problem of food supply cannot be ignored, because we should not only consider the quality and palatability of food, but also meet the requirements of food safety and pathogen protection in extraordinary times, the convenience of logistics distribution in epidemic areas, and the efficiency of food production and packaging. We also consider the disinfection and disposal after the sharp increase in the amount of food waste in the ward. Therefore, a comprehensive solution is essential. On the other hand, it is also necessary to pay attention to the above problems for catering takeout, fresh takeout and dining in the unit canteen.

Hospitals in epidemic areas (especially temporary intensive care hospitals and shelter hospitals), centralized isolation points and isolation hospitals in non-epidemic areas can consider cooperating with food distribution units to directly use aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers for catering. We need to develop a diet suitable for packaging, take into account the different eating habits of medical staff and patients, and provide a variety of food choices as much as possible.

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